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Truth in Advertising —

Maybe it’s because we just went through all the hassle of moving, but the opening lines of this poem by Andrea Cohen struck me with the force of a brass fanfare: If we’d moved her, she’d still have ’em, the … Continue reading

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To Tell the Truth: Take 4

Remember the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes with his lamp, searching everywhere for the truth? We’ve been searching in this blog, mouse in hand, for the truth again and again and again, to no definitive conclusion. Maybe that’s because, even with … Continue reading

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To Tell the Truth, Take 3

There’s a leit motif that’s been running through these pages, and it’s Truth. Is truth an absolute? And meaning? Does meaning depend upon the truth of that which is intended or presented? We’ve flirted with these concepts again and again … Continue reading

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To Tell the Truth —

Whether one writes in a room of one’s own or in public places, the demand of what’s to be done remains the same: …Good writing is about telling the truth. We are a species that needs and wants to understand … Continue reading

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